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Shutter Door Machine

Descriptions of Shutter Door Lath Machine
The whole production line of shutter door lath machine is composed of decoiler, main machine, computer controlling system and run out tables. Due to its adoption of computer controlling system, shutter door lath machine features easy operation and stable performance. Meantime, shutter door lath machine is highly automated. It can work by itself after users preset the desired length and pieces via the computer. Shutter door lath machine can be used to produce steel shutter door slats by processing materials like galvanized sheet, pre-painted sheet or stainless steel sheet. Due to advantages of durability, little space occupation, low cost and low noise, steel shutter door slats are widely applied when doors of plants or shops are manufactured.

After Sales Service
Guarantee period of shutter door lath machine is 1 year and we offer new parts to replace broken ones free of charge within one year. Besides, technical support of shutter door lath machine is provided in its service life. If needed, we will send technicians to help customers install the machine or train their staff.

Accessories of Shutter Door Lath Machine
Main accessories of shutter door lath machine are main machine, manual or hydraulic decoiler, hydraulic system, PLC computer controlling system, forming cutter, 3 run out tables and manual in English.

(1) Main Machine
(2) Manual/Hydraulic Decoiler
(3) Hydraulic System,
(4) PLC Computer Controlling System,
(5) Forming Cutter,
(6) Run out Table (3 units),
(7) Manual in English.

Technical specification of JM105 shutter door lath machine


Technical specification of JM105 shutter door lath machine

Type Name Effective Width Feeding Width Thickness
JM-105 Roll Up Machine 100mm 150mm 0.8-1.0mm

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